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I’ll be honest. I don’t love the cold and so Winter is not my favourite season but there are many things that make this season so much more bearable in Tuscany. The festivities don’t end with Christmas and New Year. Come February and it’s time for Carnival which means finding lots of sweet cakes and treats in the bakeries. We share recipes for some of the most traditional and our favourites.


Winter Magazine

01. Visit Scarperia & Arezzo

02. Skiing in Tuscany

03. Artisans Stefano Bemer & Sartoria Vestrucci

04. Art Gallery Studio I Guarnieri

05. Carnival in Viareggio

-  Peposo / Pepper Stew
-  Brasato / Braised Beef 
-  Carnival Treats
-  Panforte
-  Sfinci / Pumpkin Doughnuts


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