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Fashion v’s Sensibility……. Riding Scooters in Summer!

 How to (Not) Wear a Skirt on a Vespa!

This morning as I was staring at the huge choice of clothing in my wardrobe, (and thinking that I had nothing to wear), I was faced with the same dilemma that has faced me since the Summer season has arrived. This problem is quite serious considering my reputation is at stake!

How does a fashionable girl like myself look sharp, savvy, chic and keep her dignity when riding her scooter around town?  Her heart is telling her to wear a skirt and show off those tanned legs (plus it’s cooler!!) but her head is saying, “Wear sensible shoes and long pants!”

I have learnt the hard way that full skirts combined with speed mean a lot of wind and a Marilyn Monroe white dress effect which is hardly safe when one must have two hands on the handle bars!
Yesterday morning I nearly had this exact experience but have now cleverly learnt to sit on the bulk of the skirt and keep those knees locked tightly onto the front section of the skirt!
Mini skirts are a definite no-no considering one must open the legs to place one’s feet on the ground at red lights. But as the mini-skirt is hardly suitable for the office, I am been able to avoid this fashion faux-pas.

Italian women amaze me at their skill in riding bicycles in mini skirts and stilettos. Obviously they are born with this skill as they always manage to keep their elegance and cool! This leads to another issue – Shoes? What may be practical is not always the most attractive.  My flat ballerinas might seem like a good solution but a few weeks ago as I came to a stop at the red light, my foot slipped on the road due to the non-grip sole. Luckily, due to my lack of inflexibility I remained upright, although I did nearly pull a muscle in my inner thigh!

I have managed to get around quite well with my wedges, what I like to call the sensible girl’s stiletto. The wedge is my solution for those outfits that need a heel.
The other ways I manage to arrive at the office looking fresh and not like I’ve just done a session of Bikram yoga are the following :

  • Wear smart tailored shorts (that sit just above the knee and obviously do not reveal your muffin top)
  • Wear my fashionable sporty trainers and carry the heels in my bag for a quick change upon arrival.
  • Leggings are the answer to everything!  Whip them on under that skirt and whip them off just as quickly when you get to the office. (clearly I slept in yesterday morning and forgot my leggings under that full skirt)
  • I always wear a light jacket as images of my bare skin hitting the bitumen should,  god forbid I do have an accident are not something that I would like to see up close!
  • Always carry a mini brush in your bag as nothing ruins a good pony-tail like a helmet!
  • And my long canary yellow waterproof raincoat is always safely stowed under the seat.  Even in this heat wave, a girl should always be prepared for a change in the weather.

So you see, a girl doesn’t have to give up style to ride a scooter!  After all,  it is the best form of transport for all fashionistas on the go – one can’t waste time looking for a car park when there is serious shopping to be done and aperitivos to be had!

Disclaimer : I, Lisa the author to not take any responsibility for accidents or embarrassments caused while riding scooters in inappropriate attire!

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Ciao, I'm Lisa B,
I’m a magazine founder & editor, a private food & shopping guide and watercolour artist who wants to share everything I know about the best-kept secrets in Tuscany with you.

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